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By Paul | July 15, 2015

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HELP NOW: Children at risk in Vanuatu

By Paul | March 18, 2015

Last Friday in Vanuatu, the world turned upside down. Especially for the island nation’s children.

200 mph winds will do that. When Cyclone Pam hit the South Pacific archipelago, it destroyed entire villages.

And, as always, it’s the children who are suffering the most. About 60,000 of them.

Please donate now. Children in Vanuatu need you.

Right now, we’re hearing that fresh water supplies in Vanuatu are dwindling. And that means children and families are at risk for potentially deadly waterborne disease.

The risk grows as time passes.

Will you help?

Help us meet children’s urgent needs now.



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Great Video with Jon Stewart…

By Paul | March 14, 2015

The Daily Show
Daily Show Full Episodes,  More Daily Show Videos,  Comedy Central Full Episodes

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The heart behind the art + special print offer!

By Paul | March 13, 2015


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Alseny was fighting for his life!

By Paul | March 3, 2015

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Alseny was dying because a cleft palate made it impossible for him to nurse properly or take a bottle. Without surgery, he would die of starvation.

At four months, he weighed only six pounds. He was painfully thin and weak, while his twin sister was plump and well-nourished.

In the poorest parts of Africa, many people will never see a doctor or visit a hospital as they live on less than $2/day. That’s why some parents lose children like Alseny. There’s nothing they can do to stop the relentless march of starvation.

Alseny’s mom refused to surrender. But by the time they reached us, his situation was dire. He was too small and frail for surgery–so we worked with his mom on feeding him and provided nutritional supplements.

Over 12 days, he gained 3 poundshalf his body weight. Soon, he was strong enough for surgery.

Today, Alseny is just as healthy as his sister. Through God’s grace, your generosity, and the skill of our volunteer surgical staff, he received a free surgery, and his future is bright.

Sadly, many others are still waiting for hope and healing.

Any amount you send will triple in value through hours donated by our selfless volunteers, and donations from corporate partners.

Lives are being saved every day because of your concern for the poorest of the poor, and we are deeply grateful.

Following the model of Jesus,


Don Stephens
President & Founder

PS: Click here to learn more about our maxillofacial surgery program and see how your help makes a difference in the lives of patients like Alseny! rs?id=58b340d95fe14934abdfc8e4cf884e10&t=marketing

Alseny, at right, was dying from a cleft lip and palate. Malnutrition left him only about half the size of his healthy twin sister.


Today, thanks to the free surgery you helped provide, Alseny is just as strong and healthy as his sister.

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Give a book! {New charity. New featured campaign!}

By Paul | February 23, 2015

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Writing Blog That I Really Enjoy

By Paul | October 19, 2014

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Game Day

By Paul | October 18, 2014

Looking forward to watching the Cleveland Browns tomorrow. Typically we play to the level of our opponents and tomorrow we play a weaker team so tradition says we may have problems.

But this year we are a new team. This is a test I hope we pass.

In Hoyer we trust!

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Ron from Amun Shea

By Paul | October 15, 2014

Amun Shea, a terrific school in El Salvador. Amún Shéa, Center for Integrated Development, is categorized as a non-profit educational entity and accredited by the Salvadoran Ministry of Education (MINED.)

We are a project of PERKIN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOUNDATION, INC. (PEOF) a non-profit organization, registered in the USA as a public charity 501(c)(3) and in El Salvador as non-profit Foundation.

On FaceBook

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Why and what to write?

By Paul | October 15, 2014

I started several years ago because I found a website with a similar URL for another city. That site had built a nice community and it seemed cool so I decided to give it a shot here. PerfectClevelandDay was born and I invited some other writers to participate (none did) and off we went.

Then, as often happens, life got complicated, our country went through a dynamic presidential election, I changed jobs several times, and my identity and by extension this site’s, changed, morphed, stagnated, relaunched, dealt with numerous fits and starts and content of an array of different flavors, styles, and substance levels appeared.

Lately I have been reading sites exclusively about writing. The art and craft of being a writer. I have always had a love/hate relationship with writing. First of all I am lazy and writing takes discipline. Second, I am easily distracted, oh something shiny; I’m back. Third, my interests meander, one day I want to be a journalist and another a sports writer/journalist, and then one day it is time for the Great American Novel and then one day I spend an afternoon reorganizing the array of unfinished, half hearted, sort-of-started, writing projects on my computer. I have one of the most organized Macs you will ever see.

That’s another problem; sometimes I am not sure I love what I do as much as I love the darn tools. Macs and Adobe software, it really is a cult folks; there needs to be a 12-step program, “Hi, My name is Paul and I am an Apple Fan Boy.”

Lastly, conflict-wise, as much as I love writing, I love page layout, web design, graphic design, and photo retouching and as I became a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, I lost excellence in any one. Furthermore, there is a corresponding loss of efficiency because simple tasks can take longer than they should because I am busy jumping from task to task to task, all of them unrelated.

So the results of reading these sites is this, this site is going focus on writing and content. Oh I will still post the occasional political piece, some are just too good to pass up but I think it is time to find my passion and let some of the things that are distracting go. I am a publisher who can write. I will focus on writing and how to present that writing online or on paper. Period.

And as any writer will tell you, it all starts with the content.

Now, time to get to work on that Great American Novel!

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