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Thoughts on the Browns from 2009

By Paul | October 4, 2016

I wrote this blog post in 2009 before my team, the Browns played the Packers. I was rereading this as it was posted on a now-defunct blog but I still had a copy. I like our new coach and I am intrigued by what I see on the field but as I read this, from quite a while ago, I realize little has changed if they do not start winning.

And now, from 2009…

The Browns will face the Green Bay Packers tomorrow. It is a strange attitude I find myself adopting. Everything in me always screams for a victory but I am so convinced the team is heading in the wrong direction that I find myself strangely ambivalent on some level. In order for there to be a change in the organization they have to fail.

See, here’s the thing, a team that fails changes course, makes adjustments; dramatic action ensues in order to bring success to the organization.

Successful teams stay the course, build on their success, search for ways to keep getting better and enjoy the wave of positive energy winning spawns.

But mediocre teams, there’s the rub. Mediocre teams aren’t sure if what they are doing will work if given time to develop or are they on the wrong path and need to make adjustments. No one knows and paralysis sets in. I predict that that is what we will see on the Browns. This team will find a way to be mediocre and that will stop everything. We will end up at 500 ball after a while, every now and again thinking the post season is in reach and we may even find a way to beat the Steelers, but we will be average, not dominating; predictable, not a challenge; inconsistent, not able to move or defend reliably; and ultimately we will be just another team, like the Ravens, the Cardinals, and the Raiders. We will have fallen from the elite teams of the NFL. The teams who have history and credibility.

I cringe when I talk to my nephews who do not realize that the Browns have been great, sometimes the greatest. That our history is something of which to be proud. That in Jim Brown and Otto Graham we have two of the defining players of the formative years of the NFL; two players who are still held as the standard for all who follow.

A whole generation that doesn’t realize the history of the Browns, embrace it, understand “What It Means To Be Brown.”

So do I want the Browns to win? Absolutely and always, but do I want this team to take a look at what it has to do to return to its heritage, hell yes, and God forbid, if it means loosing so that the owner gets leadership in here that understands the game of football and the heritage of the Browns, then so be it.

As I say anytime I discuss this, Go Browns, make me eat my words. Show me you are the team we all desperately want you to be!

Lastly, remember, gentlemen, the NBA opens soon and the Cavs get better and better every year. This year looks to be outrageous; it’s a competitive marketplace and right now the Cavs are delivering.

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