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Johnny Manziel is our Starting QB, and that is a good thing!

By Paul | November 20, 2015

Johnny Manziel is our starting QB and should be going forward.

Let’s be clear, this is not criticism of Josh McCowan. I think he is a terrific man and a class act. He represents the NFL well and in a fully-functional team, I think he could be an awesome QB and make the plays necessary to take a team into the post season. Lesser QBs have done just that.

The fact of the matter is the Browns are not a functional team. Across the board they are not performing well, even though at some positions they are very strong. There really is no reason for the team to perform as poorly as they are but some element is not clicking and it is up to the coach to figure it out.

How does this come back to Johnny Manziel? Based on his age and the development required to be a championship team, Josh can’t possibly be our starting QB for any length of time and some of the performance we are seeing from the team is because they know that next year, Josh will not be under center. There is no stability at the QB position. Curiously neither is there at Coach or GM.

John Manziel may not be the answer; in fact I doubt he is, but I have not driven a nail in that coffin. He won the Heisman, he won in a very competitive conference, he has a good arm, he seems to see the field well, and his mobility is a tremendous asset. Is he our long-term answer; we just don’t know. But having him the starter means the team can focus on playing to one specific QB’s style and timing. They can get a sense of how he delivers the ball, how long he needs the pocket to hold, what he is going to do when the pocket folds and he has to move, how quickly he can make his reads, and can he get those reads faster. And with all these data points, we will learn whether he can be the long-term solution.

Remember, we do not want to face Manziel, when he is a QB elsewhere and we find out we blew it at the QB spot, again. If we find he has the ability, we can look at drafting tall, big, wide receivers, shoring up our secondary, which is looking poor, and find a replacement for Alex Mack, should he choose to leave. (Alex, I am hoping you stay!)

To be clear, there is no player on this team for whom I am not rooting. I just want my beloved Cleveland Browns to stop being an embarrassment and a joke, and just now they are. I was born a Browns fan, and I will be one until I die, but c’mon gentleman, give us a break. Start the youth, and give us a team of which we can be proud.

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