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Ending a Friendship on Principle

By Paul | June 26, 2010

It is always sad when a friendship ends but this week I needed to end one. Think of what it might have been like in post Civil War, or during the Vietnam era, or even this last decade where individual’s had to take a stand and decide whether to respect the other person’s opinion and allow them to have it. Invariably they throw out that dumb line “I may disagree with you but I will fight for your right to say it.” That line is a great idea but I there are times when you can say, “yeah, no, your side has aired their dumb-ass ideas and we have decided they don’t work and are dangerous.”

Example. Should the Nazis have marched in Illinois years ago. The courts said yes, I said no. We spent billions of dollars, and millions of lives dealing with them and they shouldn’t get to speak anymore. And yes, I am a writer and love the first amendment but how many times do we have to solve the same damn problem.

So this last week, a former friend revealed their anti-Semitic side. It was a complete surprise; I never would have predicted. This individual is smart, educated, young, creative, but apparently does not respect the Jewish heritage, nor I suspect any religion. The expressed opposition was based on nothing but a rejection of an ancient and beautiful faith and was done unkindly. Took me 30 minutes to make a decision.

Sometimes you have to leave people where they are and move on, still it’s sad.

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