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10 things your grandmother can teach you about social media

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Copyright Eric Fulwiler at Social media isn’t something we have to learn. We just have to apply what we already know to a new social environment. The same personal qualities and social skills that you (hopefully) learned growing up are what will make you successful at social media. Here are 10 things an older […]

Best “Out of Office” Automatic Replies

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I wish I could take credit for these but alas I can not. These were posted by a South African Marketing Writer but they were so funny, I had to pass on. Dave’s web site is daveduarte 1. I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to […]

What’s a Marine, As In USMC?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

What’s a Marine As In USMC? By the way USMC stands for United States Marine Corps by Keith S. (Keith S owns this writing, Semper Fi) Everyone knows what a Marine is I thought. But, I should have remembered, never assume. I happened to mention to a neighbor something about the Marines.. She looked at […]

Plummeting Reform

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Red Sox Hat, Yankees T-shirt

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

America is the greatest nation in the world. Name the metric and I will argue we own it. We still manufacture more than any other country. Who pays for tragedies, such as what we just saw in Haiti, some ass in this world gets uppity and starts trouble and who dispatches a carrier battle group […]